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Yatter AI is your versatile helper, covering everything from answering questions to solving problems. It excels in language proficiency, offers speedy responses, crafts personalized answers, and even tackles voice commands.

To engage with Yatter AI, add it as a contact or start a chat with the Yatter bot or simply tap on “Get Started” in the navigation bar, choose your preferred chatting app, and dive into the world of Yatter.

Absolutely! Yatter’s problem-solving prowess is backed by advanced AI—Chat GPT4 and Whisper, ensuring accuracy and dependability. It adeptly analyzes and provides solutions to a variety of queries and challenges.

Yes, Yatter AI speaks many languages. You can talk to it and get answers in different languages, making it friendly for everyone around the world. Also you can select your prefered language by using “.language” command.

yatter ai language command

Exploring Yatter’s menu is a breeze! Simply type .menu in your chat, and Yatter will instantly deliver its menu.

menu command yatter ai

Absolutely! Yatter AI remembers what you talked about last time, so every chat feels like a smooth continuation. If you ever want a fresh start, simply type “.clear” to clear the context and begin a new conversation. Yatter respects your privacy and preferences.

Absolutely! You can enjoy 15 interactions per month for free. If you want to explore more or try out new features introduced, we offer an additional 5 interactions per month. After that, there’s a small subscription fee for unlimited interactions. Yatter AI keeps the conversation flowing, your way!

Lightning fast! Yatter AI impresses with responses typically within 30 seconds which is 50 times quicker than a Google search. Its swift information processing guarantees a seamless user experience 24/7.

Absolutely! Yatter’s problem-solving skills, language proficiency, and image detection powered by Google Gemini make it an valuable asset for businesses seeking efficient and intelligent customer support or quick information retrieval.

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What Is Yatter AI

Yatter AI is a powerful AI assistant which is designed to simplify your queries with ease.
It is like a knowledgeable companion at your fingertips on WhatsApp & Telegram. Yatter AI utilizes ChatGPT-4 Turbo, the giant in the field of conversational AI. This utilization enables Yatter to provide faster & more accurate responses to all your queries. 

How Does Yatter AI Work?

Yatter AI Functions seamlessly within your favorite messaging apps, It is like the search engine inside your messaging apps. Whether you want to get information related to a question in your mind you can send it to yatter as a message or in a voice note. Or if you have seen any image and a query related to that image rises in your mind then you can simply send that image to yatter and yatter will process the image and respond to your query with the best solution. These features are known as Voice detection and Image detection.

Apart from these awesome features Yatter AI has many more amazing features like providing weather insights, pdf context retrieval, menu based interactions, reminder scheduling, multilingual message support etc. and the most amazing thing is all these features work inside WhatsApp & Telegram. 

For Whom is Yatter AI Available?

Yatter AI is available for a wide audience, from individuals seeking quick and reliable information to businesses employees who want to increase their productivity. Whether you’re a professional looking for a virtual companion or a user interested in getting real-time weather updates, Yatter AI adapts to your needs.

In a world where communication is key, Yatter AI stands out as a versatile and user-friendly AI assistant, making your messaging experience more efficient and enjoyable.