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Powerful Features for Practical Life

Embrace seamless communication, personalized learning, and enhanced productivity like never before.

ChatGPT, Google Gemini on WhatsApp & Telegram

Transform your conversations to extraordinary heights with Yatter AI, harnessing the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT-4o, Google Gemini, Groq Llama 3 for quicker responses and smarter interactions.

Voice AI Chat Messaging

Communicate effortlessly by sending voice notes, and let Yatter convert them into text, ensuring quick and accurate responses to your spoken queries, just like chatting with a friend.

Image Detection

Yatter offers advanced Image Detection feature powered by Gemini. Beyond extracting text, Now you can ask questions directly related to images.

Partial Streaming

First in the industry to lauch real-time delivery of messages in segments like paragraph, so that you can see parts of the text as they are being generated, rather than waiting for the entire message to be delivered at once.

Real-Time Weather Updates

Stay ahead of weather changes with Yatter’s real-time weather reports, including cloud cover, humidity, visibility, and UV index, keeping you informed for any plans.

Quick Menu Options

Explore a personalized journey with Yatter’s menu-based interactions. Easily customize your chat experience, stay updated on the latest features, and be the first to know about exclusive offers.

Multilingual Conversation

Yatter AI assistant supports multiple languages, ensuring a seamless and inclusive conversation experience for users around the globe. No matter where you are, Yatter speaks your language. 

Ask from Short PDFs

Yatter AI revolutionizes document management with its advanced PDF reader feature, effortlessly extract text from PDFs and making information retrieval a breeze.

Contextual Mindful Chats

Engage in natural conversations, and watch as Yatter understands the context, providing responses that align with the flow of your discussions.

Use Cases

Dive into Yatter’s versatility! Explore the diverse capabilities of Yatter AI effortlessly handles queries across different interests.

Yatter AI

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Unlock infinite possibilities with  WhatsApp AI & Telegram bot powered by ChatGPT.

From answering career-related queries to providing insights tailored to diverse professions, witness the power of Yatter AI in action. 

Your questions find expertly crafted answers, shaping a personalized journey for every enthusiast.


Powered by GPT-4o, Google Gemini & Llama 3

Elevate your conversations with Yatter, driven by the powerful GPT-4o and Llama 3 for lightning-fast and informed responses.


Understands your text, Voice & Image​

Type, speak or show, Yatter gets it all! Effortlessly interact by typing voice notes and images all in a one chat.


No App Installation Required

Simply chat with Yatter on WhatsApp or Telegram without any app downloads. Seamless assistance, no fuss.

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Yatter Basic

Limited Functionality

Groq Llama 3 for Partial Streaming

ChatGPT-4o for Full Response

Google Gemini for Images

15 AI questions per month

Voice Recognition

Image Identification & Recognition

Multilingual Responses

Yatter Plus

Unlimited Access

Groq Llama 3 for Partial Streaming

ChatGPT-4o for Full Response

Google Gemini 1.5 Pro for Images

Unlimited questions per month

Advanced Voice Recognition

Multilingual Responses

Contextual Understanding

Faster Responses

Personalized Answers

Priority Support

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american express
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