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Yatter ai assistant on whatsapp

Yatter is your own AI assistant on WhatsApp & Telegram! It is providing AI chat assistance on your favorite chatting apps for what AI assistance on chat can truly be. Imagine having an omniscient being at your fingertips which can follow all your instructions and do whatever you say in a few seconds. While other AI’s might leave you wanting more or drowning you in lengthy responses that miss the mark you want, Yatter delivers results that are personalized to your query. No confusion, no divergence – just the exact answer you are seeking. 


  • Image to Text Recognition(OCR):
    Yatter effortlessly transforms images into text, an achievement that many other AI assistants struggle to achieve. No need to type long texts – just share an image and Yatter transforms it into readable text, making your images become a source of information for you. 
  • Problem Solving Skills:
    While many AI assistants provide only information to your problem, Yatter offers personalized problem-solving skills. Present your problem, and Yatter will analyze, evaluate, and suggest intelligent solutions, making it your personalized problem-solving companion. 
  • Voice Recognition:
    Voice your thoughts, and yatter will understand. While other AI’s might fumble with accents or context, Yatter’s advanced voice recognition accurately translates your spoken words and provides you with accurate results in a few seconds which makes Yatter the best AI assistant.
  • Real Time Weather Updates:
    Experience the joy of effortless weather updates by simply asking Yatter about the forecast in your location simply on WhatsApp. Yatter quickly responds with the detailed forecast saving your time from searching through weather apps & websites.

Yatter offers more to explore features beyond these highlights. Yatter is a reservoir of knowledge, and always evolving and expanding its capabilities to cater to all your needs. Moreover its accessibility is unparalleled – available 24/7 right on WhatsApp & Telegram, without the need for any app installation or website visits. Whether you’re a student seeking homework solutions, a professional in the corporate sector, or simply looking for an intelligent conversation partner, Yatter is always there for you. Experience the future of AI-powered assistance with yatter – where innovation, knowledge, and accessibility converge seamlessly.

Google ai assistant

Google assistant is a virtual assistant software application that is available on smartphones, smart displays, and other devices. It is designed to provide users with conversational and interactive experience through text and voice search which allows users to perform tasks and access information using their communication language.


  • Smart Home Control:
    Google AI assistant integrates with a wide range of google smart home devices, including lights, locks, google home, and more. Users can control these devices using voice commands or by giving text commands from their phone on google assistant app, making it convenient to manage their smart home devices.
  • Voice Shopping:
    Google AI assistant offers voice shopping feature and claims users can make purchases using text & voice commands, but users can make purchases using google assistant only on supported platforms by linking their accounts and payment information in advance.
  • Integration with google services:
    Google AI assistant also manages various google services such as google search, google maps, google calendar, and Gmail. Users can perform a wide range of tasks on these services using google assistant through voice commands or text input. 
  • Visual Responses:
    Google assistant enhances interactions on devices with screens by providing visual responses in addition to spoken and written results. This allows for more comprehensive information sharing, such as maps, images, and videos.

Google assistant’s ability to personalize interactions, simplify routines, and other visual responses marks a significant advancement in making technology more accessible & efficient. Google AI assistant remains at the forefront, shaping the way we interact with our devices and empowering us with new possibilities.

chat gpt by Openai

Chat GPT is an advanced language model AI assistant developed by Open AI, It is known for its remarkable ability to generate human-like text and engage in natural language conversation. Chat GPT has carved its own niche and is designed to perform a wide range of language-related tasks, making it a versatile tool for both casual interactions and professional applications.


  • Natural Language Fluency:
    Chat GPT excels in understanding and generating human-like text. Its ability to engage in fluid conversations, understand context, comprehension of idioms, slang, and respond coherently makes interactions feel remarkably genuine.
  • Open Ended Conversations:
    Chat GPT’s ability to engage in open-ended discussions distinguishes it. Users can explore various topics and ideas, making Chat GPT a versatile source of intellectual exchange. Chat GPT responses are informative and lengthy which encourage the users to delve deeper into subjects and consider alternative perspectives. 
  • Versatile Knowledge Base:
    With access to a vast range of information, Chat GPT can provide answers and explanations on diverse topics. Whether it’s explaining relevant facts, historical references, or even quotes to enrich discussions, offering insights making Chat GPT a  partner in both casual conversations and more specialized discussions.
  • Learning Companion:
    Chat GPT’s aptitude for explanations and insights makes it an effective learning companion. It can provide in-depth explanations, assist in problem-solving, and contribute to users’ intellectual growth.

In the evolving landscape of AI assistants, Chat GPT has emerged an important role. Its remarkable ability to engage in seamless context-aware conversations sets it apart, making interactions feel remarkably authentic and human-like. 


Bing AI is developed by open AI in partnership with Microsoft, it is chat GPT based AI assistant made to enhance the search experience of the users. Bing AI introduces users to an array of features that redefine traditional searches. Its standout capabilities encompass a multimodal visual search, allowing users to inquire using images for precise results. 


  • Third-party browser support:
    Bing AI-powered assistant system to work seamlessly with a variety of web browsers beyond its own native interface. This means that users can interact with Bing AI, perform searches, and access its features not only through Bing’s official website or app but also through other popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more.
  • Real time information & citations:
    This feature signifies the platform’s capability to provide users with the most up-to-date and current information in response to their queries. This means that when users use Bing AI to search for information, the results they receive are not only relevant but also reflect the latest updates available on the internet.
  • Multimodal Visual Search:
    This feature refers to an innovation that enables users to conduct searches not only using traditional text-based queries but also by utilizing images or visual inputs. Bing AI will analyze these visual inputs to generate relevant search results. Users can simply show or upload an image related to their query, and Bing AI will interpret the content, generating results that match the visual context. This capability is particularly valuable for searching for items, landmarks, artworks, and other visual information where describing the subject in words might be challenging or less effective.
  • Enterprise Chat:
    Bing AI provides a powerful tool for employees to easily locate relevant documents, data, and resources within their organization’s vast digital landscape. This means that users can input queries related to their work tasks, projects, or specific topics, and Bing AI will sift through the company’s databases, repositories, and interconnected systems to retrieve accurate and pertinent results. 

Bing AI assistant truly encapsulates the potential of artificial intelligence in enhancing real time based results.  As an AI-powered companion, Bing AI not only provides answers but also empowers users with the tools to explore, learn, and connect with the world in an informed and efficient manner.

Bixby ai assistant by samsung

Bixby is a virtual assistant developed by Samsung, which has redefined the way users interact with their devices since its launch in 2017. Across a range of Samsung products, from smartphones to home appliances, Bixby has proven itself as an intelligent and adaptive AI assistant. Bixby started focusing on voice-first interactions at first and its ability to comprehend natural language and context, allowing for more fluid and intuitive communication between users and their devices.


  • Voice Control and Quick Commands:
    Bixby’s hallmark feature is its voice control. It’s designed to understand natural language effortlessly, allowing users to command their devices with spoken instructions. This feature enables users to create personalized voice commands that trigger multiple actions simultaneously. For instance, you can say “Good morning” to have Bixby turn on the lights & provide weather updates etc.
  • Device Integration:
    Bixby isn’t confined to a single device, it is integrated across a range of Samsung products. From your smartphone to your TV and home appliances, Bixby creates a cohesive ecosystem where you can seamlessly control and manage your devices through voice commands.
  • Bixby Vision:
    Vision of the Bixby is to provide a personal AI assistant to the Samsung product users. Bixby can identify objects, places, and even text through visual analysis. Simply point your camera at a monument, and Bixby will offer detailed information about it. Capture a piece of foreign text, and Bixby can translate it for you. 
  • Personalization:
    Bixby  learns from your preferences, behavior, and usage patterns, adapting itself to your unique needs. Over time, it tailors its responses and suggestions to align with your habits, making interactions even more intuitive and personalized.
  • Contextual Understanding:
    Bixby can understand follow-up questions and maintain the context of a conversation, making interactions more fluid and natural. This becomes evident when you’re engaging in extended conversations with Bixby, as it seamlessly remembers the context and provides relevant responses.

Bixby has revolutionised the way we interact with technology through its features. It is an AI assistant which can perform a wide array of tasks, with its personalization and seamless device integration. Bixby exemplifies the future of intuitive, AI-powered user-device interactions and continues to evolve, it’s poised to redefine our relationship with technology even further.

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