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Let’s talk about something amazing – Galaxy AI! It’s like a superhero for Samsung’s newest phones and some other Android devices. This cool technology, called Galaxy AI, is changing the game in the tech world. Galaxy AI is not a general AI – it is super smart! It makes your phone experience way better with lots of clever tricks. Come with us on this journey to discover the wonders of galaxy AI. We’re about to explore a whole new world of technology and innovation leading the way. 

Galaxy AI is like having a super-smart companion on your phone, taking things to a whole new level. It focuses on what matters most – breaking communication barriers, making work easier, and boosting creativity. This mobile AI experience is top-notch, combining on-device from Samsung and cloud-based through collaborations with industry experts.

It’s set to change how you use your phone every day, ensuring a smooth and secure experience with Galaxy’s strong security measures. This innovation is a game-changer that will reshape our relationship with phones.

You can use Galaxy AI to edit your pictures in just a second. If you have a photo with many people in it, the AI will suggest you remove them and give you a clear and crisp image. It’s like magic for making your pictures look just the way you want them!

Mobile technology has an incredible power to enable connection, productivity, creativity and more for people around the world, but until now, we haven’t seen mobile AI ignite that in truly meaningful ways.

Let’s explore the cool features that come with Galaxy AI: 

  • Live Translate: If you’re a traveler, Galaxy AI’s Live Translate is like magic. It helps you understand someone speaking a different language during a phone call, without waiting for translations.
  • Interpreter: Just like Live Translate, Interpreter does quick split-screen translations during live talks. It’s super useful for people on both sides of the screen to understand each other easily.
  • Chat Assist: If you have a Samsung S24, Chat Assist is your helper. It makes typing on the Samsung Keyboard cooler – you can change the way your messages sound, create social media captions, and translate text instantly in 13 languages.
  • Android Auto: When you connect Galaxy AI to Android Auto in your car, it reads your messages in real time and suggests replies. It keeps you focused on driving.
  • Note Assist: If you use Samsung Notes, Note Assist makes life simpler. It creates smart summaries for long, messy notes and organizes them neatly with ready-made formats.
  • Circle to Search: Working with Google Search, Circle to Search lets you circle anything on your screen by holding the home button. It quickly shows search results, making things easier in any app.
  • Instant Slo-Mo: With the Samsung Galaxy S24, making videos slow-motion is a breeze. Just press and hold the screen, and Galaxy AI does the rest with smart frame tricks.
  • Edit Suggestion: Galaxy AI makes photo editing a breeze. It suggests changes for each picture, from simple tweaks to fancy edits, making your photos look even better. It’s like having your photo editor.
galaxy ai, samsung, yatter ai, chatgpt
galaxy ai, samsung, yatter ai, chatgpt, bixby

Bixby is the older version of Virtual Assistant that comes in Samsung phones to increase productivity and help make work easy. You can talk to it; it does cool things like answering your voice commands, screening your calls, and even letting you control your camera without touching your phone. It first appeared in 2017 with the Galaxy S7 series and has been part of Samsung phones ever since. You can find Bixby on various Samsung devices, including foldable phones and Galaxy tablets. People often compare it to Siri and Google Assistant, but Bixby has special features that make it stand out.

Think of Bixby as a handy virtual assistant for your device. You can use it to control your phone without touching it, making things easy and hands-free. How much you use Bixby depends on how you usually use your phone. It can be a simple assistant for basic tasks, or if you like, it can become a key part of how you use your smartphone. It’s like having a helpful companion that adapts to your preferences and makes using your phone a breeze.

Samsung thinks of Galaxy AI and Bixby as a great team, not competitors. Galaxy AI is like the smart brain, doing clever things in the background. On the other hand, Bixby is the friendly face you see, making it easy to use your phone. They work together smoothly! Samsung wants to make Bixby look and feel even better, and Galaxy AI adds some extra smarts to it. They’re making sure Bixby is easy for you and keeps improving based on what you need.

The teamwork ensures your phone experience is not only easy but also well-connected, blending the smart features of Galaxy AI with the user-friendly parts of Bixby. It’s like having a smart brain and a friendly helper teaming up.

Which is Yatter AI a super-smart helper for your problems, through WhatsApp and Telegram. It does more than regular assistants by making things smart and quick when you’re online. Imagine having a friend who’s good with words, always ready to answer questions and solve problems. Yatter isn’t just about typing; it understands your voice too. If you talk to it, it turns your words into text, making chatting easy. It’s not just words – Yatter can also understand pictures.

You can ask questions about images, and it gets it! Forgetful? Yatter helps with reminders and sends you messages to keep you on time. It even tells you the weather, has quick options, talks in different languages, and handles short documents. What’s cool is that Yatter makes your online chats personal and special. 

  • Language Proficiency: Yatter AI excels in understanding and using language effectively. It can answer questions, provide information, and engage in conversations with a high level of proficiency.
  • Voice-Activated Communication: Yatter goes beyond text-based interactions. You can communicate with it using your voice, and it will convert your spoken words into text, allowing for effortless and natural conversations.
  • Image Detection: Yatter’s Image Detection feature, powered by Gemini, enables it to recognize and interpret images. You can ask questions directly related to pictures, expanding its capabilities beyond just text-based queries.
  • Reminder Scheduling: Yatter helps you stay organized by allowing you to schedule reminders. It sends timely notifications on WhatsApp to remind you of important tasks or events, ensuring you stay on top of your schedule.
  • Quick Menu Options: Yatter simplifies navigation with quick menu options. This feature makes it easy for users to access various functions and features quickly, streamlining the user experience.
  • Real-time Weather Updates: Yatter keeps you informed about the latest weather conditions in real-time. You can ask for current weather updates or forecasts for your location, making it a handy tool for planning activities.
  • Multilingual Conversation Support: Yatter is versatile in language and can understand and respond in multiple languages. This feature enhances accessibility and ensures that users can communicate with Yatter in their preferred language.
  • Handling Short PDFs: Yatter can extract information from short PDF documents. If you have a document with relevant details, you can ask Yatter to retrieve specific information, making it a valuable tool for document-based queries.
  • Contextual Mindful Chats: Yatter doesn’t just provide generic responses. It engages in contextual mindful chats, understanding the context of the conversation and tailoring its responses to be more personalized and relevant to the user’s needs.
galaxy ai, samsung, yatter ai, chatgpt
FeaturesYatter AIGalaxy AI
Language ProficiencyExcellent at understanding and using language.Adept at real-time language translations.
Voice InteractionConverts voice to text for natural conversations.Live Translate and Interpreter for seamless multilingual communication.
Image Detection Advanced Image Detection for picture-related queries.Not announced yet.
Reminder FunctionalityAllows easy scheduling and sends WhatsApp notifications.Not announced yet.
Quick Menu NavigationStreamlines user experience with quick menu options.Enhanced Samsung Keyboard features for typing and translation.
Real-time Weather UpdatesProvides real-time weather updates.Gives analytics weather updates.
Multilingual SupportExcels in understanding and responding in multiple languages.Live Translate supports multilingual conversations.
PDF HandlingCan extract information from short PDF documents.Not announced yet.
Contextual TextsEngages in contextual mindful chats for personalized responses.Not announced yet.
Accessibility Available in all devices.Now, only on Samsung S24 Series.
NOTE: This Comparison is made by information provided on Samsung Galaxy AI.

Galaxy AI is like a super cool upgrade for Samsung devices. It makes everything easier and more fun when you use your phone. Whether you’re chatting with friends or taking pictures, Galaxy AI makes your phone work even better. It’s like having a smart helper right in your Samsung device, making it even more awesome!

But, we should know about Yatter AI too. Yatter not only does the language stuff and organizes pictures but also talks with you like a friend. It’s been around for a while and has lots of useful things.

So, even though Galaxy AI has some new things when we compare, Yatter has more cool features. If you want a smart friend on your phone, Yatter is a great choice with a lot of things it can do for you.

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