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Welcome to 2024! This year is a big deal for Artificial Intelligence, which means super smart computer stuff. In this Blog we’re going to talk about cool things like AI devices, phone apps, and robots.

Imagine cool stuff like the HUMANE pin, Rabbit R1, Ballie, etc. – they’re making waves! These things are changing how AI works. We’ll chat about important stuff like making things personal, keeping things safe, being fair, working together, and making computers super speedy – all set to shake up how we see AI in 2024. 

Understanding and using these cool changes will be key for businesses to be super successful in a fast-changing world. So, let’s dive into the world of AI, where we’ll learn cool things and use smart ideas to shape a future filled with awesome tech!

ai device, yatter ai, chatgpt, chatgpt on WhatsApp

AI devices are just everyday things we use, but they’re extra cool because they have smart AI technology inside. In this year, we’ll see lots of these cool AI-powered devices. They’ll come with special AI helpers who understand what we say and can do things for us – like having a little smart friend on our devices!

These devices are going to change how we do things at home, making our homes smarter and more automatic. They’ll also help keep us healthy and give us personalized entertainment experiences.

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The Rabbit R1 is a small unique AI device different from smartphones or tablets it runs on rabbit OS and uses a technology called large action model (LAM) to perform tasks without apps or APIs, unlike typical smart assistants like Siri or Alexa. The Rabbit R1 understands complex requests in natural language and learns from your behaviour it can manage various tasks from booking trips to controlling any app you use adapting to your preferences, it is introduced by Rabbit an AI company situated in Los Angeles, the Rabbit R1 is gaining significant attention as it is lanched at a innovative price $199.

(LAM)is a smart Network like the systems behind chat GPT that understands and generates language, but it can do more, it learns how to perform tasks and actions just by listening to voice commands. 

(LAM) understands how to use different apps and services. The Rabbit R1 is like an all-in-one AI device, supporting lots of popular apps without extra fees or limits on what you can do. It’s got you covered for music, ride-shares, food delivery, maps, reservations, shopping, generative AI, and travel stuff.

Rabbit cares about keeping your stuff private and safe. They don’t keep any of your usernames or passwords for other apps. When you link Rabbit to another service, like a music app or a map, all the sign-in stuff happens directly with that service. You’re in charge – you can connect or disconnect services whenever you want.

Rabbit makes sure all your data follows the important rules for safety and encryption that everyone in the tech world agrees on. If you ever want to, you can delete all the info Rabbit has about you. Plus, you always know and control what your Rabbits can do – like telling them which jobs they can help you with. Privacy and security are a big deal for Rabbit!

humane ai pin, ai , chatgpt on whatsapp, chatgpt

Humane introduced their first pin AI device and it’s a GameChanger in wearable technology powered by artificial intelligence the Humane AI pin is an incredible Gadget that’s about to transform our interaction with tech today.

The Humane AI pin is a small square device you can clip to your clothes with magnets. It’s a simple stylish badge. It’s more than just a fancy pin it’s a powerful AI tool that can do many things your phone can but without a screen, This amazing tool works through voice and gestures by projecting a lager display on the user hands or any surface which allows to use your hand as a touch screen. This pin also includes the gian of AI which is open AI Chat GPT-4.

This helpful ai device can answer questions about what’s happening now, translate languages, and even do creative things like making poems. The AI Pin has a cool feature that counts calories by using its camera to track what you eat. It’s not just a smart pin; it’s also like a mini phone with features like international roaming, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The AI Pin is a super modern mix of AI tech and easy-to-wear convenience, making sure you have a cool and useful experience in a small, wearable form.

ballie , chatgpt, chatgpt for whatsapp, ai

Samsung Electronics introduced a new version of its AI home companion robot Ballie in Las Vegas on January 8. First introduced at CES 2020. 

Ballie is like a little helper for your home. It moves around by itself, doing different jobs and helping with home devices. It learns from how you do things, making its help smarter and more personalized. When you’re not home, it can even send you videos of your pets or loved ones to your phone for peace of mind. Plus, it’s great at setting the right atmosphere for whatever you’re doing – like playing workout videos on the wall, playing music, or even answering phone calls. Ballie makes life at home easier and more fun!

In the hunt for better ways for people to talk with machines, cool AI devices like the Humane AI Pin and the Rabbit R1, Ballie are making us wonder if they can replace our regular phones. These devices want to change how we use technology by using our voices more and touchscreens less.

ai, yatter ai, chatgpt, chatgpt on WhatsApp

The Rabbit R1 shows us a future where AI helpers, called “rabbits,” do more than just listen to us. They can do lots of tasks all day long, like finding info for our travel plans or even doing our grocery shopping online.

On the other hand, the Humane AI Pin is like a buddy who knows us well but doesn’t peek into our emails or calendars. It understands our gestures and sees things through its camera. People are talking a lot about AI devices, but some are still unsure.

But here’s the big question: Can these new devices replace our usual phones? It’s not that simple. There are times when we can’t talk to our devices, and big phone companies might add similar cool things to their phones. For the Rabbit R1 and Humane AI Pin to be real phone replacements, their makers need to adapt quickly to these challenges. They might end up being extra features for our phones rather than full replacements. How fast they can come up with new ideas will decide how well they do in the changing world of human-device interactions.

Our mobile phones are a big part of our daily lives, and AI is going to make them even better. In the coming year, expect phones to do cool AI things like translating languages on the spot, understanding what we need without us saying much, and having super-smart voice assistants. These AI upgrades will make our daily tasks easier, make using our phones more fun, and help businesses give us services that feel tailor-made for us.

Yatter AI just got even smarter with the GPT4 Vision Model from OpenAI! Now, it can see and understand the pictures you send on WhatsApp. This is a big step forward, making it super cool for users who want to do more with their images. With Yatter AI and its GPT4 Vision Model, you can easily use the magic of AI vision. You can tell Yatter AI to describe what’s in a picture, giving you a better understanding and more context. It’s like having a smart friend that can see and explain what’s in your photos!

ai, yatter ai, chatgpt, chatgpt on WhatsApp

Yatter AI does more than just understand pictures – it can also recognize different things in them, making you understand the pictures better. This cool feature lets you make the most of AI-powered understanding. Whether you want detailed explanations of what’s in a picture, identify things in it, or ask specific questions about images, Yatter AI lets you do all that in a really easy way. Plus, Yatter AI is super good with words, giving you quick and personalized answers.

You can talk to Yatter AI easily by sending voice messages, and it can even help you with questions about images using the smart GPT4. It also helps you remember things, keeps you updated with the weather, and lets you chat in different languages. Yatter AI makes your talks super interesting and helps you with lots of tasks. There’s so much Yatter AI can do – give it a try and see all the awesome things it brings to your fingertips!

Explore the amazing things Yatter AI can do with our free trial! See how AI can help you be more productive and efficient. Join others who’ve already tried Yatter AI and transformed their mobile experiences. Don’t miss out – try the free trial now and see the difference it can make in your daily activities.

ai, yatter ai, chatgpt, chatgpt on WhatsApp

Looking ahead to 2024, AI is changing how devices, mobiles, and robots work. It’s also influencing personalization, security, ethics, collaborations, and how computers connect. By keeping up with these trends, businesses can use AI devices to work better, make customers happier, stay ahead of others, and be leaders in the age of artificial intelligence. In 2024, businesses have a big chance to grow and come up with new ideas using AI.

As AI becomes a big part of our lives, we need to think about what’s right and fair. In the coming year, people will focus more on making sure AI is developed responsibly, meaning the rules are clear and fair, and everyone can be held accountable. AI will also play a big role in making our data safe from online threats, like finding problems or strange things happening. Businesses that use advanced AI to keep their data safe will be strong against online dangers.

Businesses that use AI to give customers a more personal experience will make them happier and stay ahead in a market where putting users first is super important. Samsung Ballie, Rabbit R1, and Humane Pin are all steps forward in making AI hardware and chatbots smarter. These trends can change industries and help businesses reach new levels of success.

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